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Re: NBC Sucks! AKA NBC Primetime lowest watched week ever!

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I feel bad abut Smash because some of the musical numbers really were well done, and plausible as part of a real life musical. Like so, but they can't do this every week:

That's in "The Callback." And the make-over is for the green Karen Cartwright to be transformed into a star. It makes sense for the character as well as being realistic in something that Marilyn did. At the same time, they show Karen not as head-strong as Marilyn, or as confident, as she is in this song. And she struggled to find her movements because of it, to the point that she lost the part because of ticking Derek off so much.

This is last week's. It looks like Jimmy and Karen are finally going to get together. And the change in scenery is Derek's vision of the play after he quit Bombshell over changing Never Give All the Heart. The symbolism is clear. Jimmy is off the bridge, on the pylons, near the danger in the water. Karen is standing at the start of the bridge, afraid to walk over it towards him, until he starts towards her. She saves him and he gets her to trust again, which is exactly what's happening in the show. Jimmy wouldn't have this dream of making it to Broadway, or he wouldn't have the opportunity to pursue it, without her. And he is heavily into drugs and drinking which could cause him to "fall into the water," so to speak. She is trying to trust someone after Dev slept with Ivy at the end of last season. And that's the "heart-shaped wreckage." And they meet half-way to show that both are ready to give this a try. At least, my take on it.

Just a couple of examples of how the music works in Smash. I just hope I got the symbolism right.
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