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Re: Did everyone love the three Enterprises scene in TATV?

The thing that is so frustrating about the episode, is that at its very outline level, the idea is really cool. People from the future use a historic lesson from Enterprise.

And certainly there are bits and pieces that do work, but on the whole its a true failure.

Ideally I would have dropped things like Riker interacting with the crew (I really disliked that aspect), I would have changed the whole subplot leading to Trip's death. I don't mind Trip dying, and I don't mind Trip dying from something rather mundane (that's actually something we should see happen on Trek shows). I would have expanded the starting of the federation bit (seriously) and I would have actually had the crew show some damn sadness that a friend just died (seriously what the hell was that).

And while I loved, loved seeing HD level Pegasus effects, I think I might have chosen not to use a known "Trek" character. Kind of like how in Visitor the unknown character who interviews Jake was really, really effective. I think picking someone, perhaps getting ready to start a tour of duty or something on the Enterprise might actually be more effective.

I also think to hold that level of detail, it really needed two hours.

Now would you want to spend two hours of Enterprise finally season on something that includes stuff in the future is a whole nother issue.

Not that season 4 really had much focus at all to it. One of the reasons as a whole I am not that happy with season 4 is that it truly doesn't feel like a cohesive season. I like certain stories (some a hell of a lot), but it felt to me like the writers instead of plotting out a real arc, and pacing out the season, just said ok, we have a year lets just throw in all the stories we wanted to tell. Generally that isn't good storytelling.
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