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Re: 20 YEARS AGO TODAY: "But I'm Not Even Supposed to BE Here Today!"

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Rufus: "What do you call this shit?"

Bethany: "Egg-a-Mooby Muffin."

That's one of my favorite lines. It's such a ridiculous sounding name, but Bethany says it so straight.

I love Jay going a mile-a-minute after Alanis shows up and blows Bartleby to pieces:

Jay: What the fuck is this shit?! Who the fuck are you, lady? Why the fuck did you hug my head?

Metatron: Quite a little mouth on him, isn't there?

Jay: What the fuck is this? The Piano? Why ain't this broad talkin'?

Metatron: I believe the answers that you seek lie within my companion's eyes.

Jay: (throwing his hat to the ground) What the fuck does that mean? Has everyone gone fuckin' nuts? What the fuck happened to that guys head?

It kills me every time the way he finally notices Bartleby's body and his eyes bug out of his sockets when he says that last line.
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