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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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I read somewhere that the Roddenberry's also became indignant that FJ made so much money on the project-- after being given permission for free to go ahead with it. Gene had gotten half of Alexander Courage's royalties for the STAR TREK theme and half of Stephen Whitfield's royalties for THE MAKING OF STAR TREK, but the blueprints were a big missed opportunity for him and it stung.
Interesting. This is quite suggestive.

Odd that Gene got no money from the blueprints, though. His name is on them, after all, although not his signature. I assume that the abbreviation "APP'D: GENE RODDENBERRY" on sheet one means "approved by Gene Roddenberry". That approval is dated December 31, 1973, with the flattery "Chief of Design".

So, since Gene actually signed the TMP blueprints, that time as "Chief of Staff", I wonder if that time he got his royalties.
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