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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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I was looking for something in my files and came across a 1976 issue of Star Trektennial News (written and edited by Susan Sackett) that has an interview of Matt Jefferies in it. I thought the below portion of the interview is coincidentally relevant to this thread. FYI.


The set of Blueprints that I saw two years ago...he's a marvelous draftsman. He did a hell of a job of drafting, and that's what the heck it is. He took what we had and added to it based on what we had...he merely expanded...he invented like mad. As much as I hate to admit it, I got thoroughly peeved over the whole thing, because he did take the design work that somebody else had done and built on it. We're talking about another generation of fans, and they pick this thing up and all of a sudden it says STAR TREK and it's gospel. And it isn't, because what didn't actually come out of what we did is a pure fabrication that's happened since then. I got narrow-minded and thoroughly peeved over the fact that there was no mention of what he used as a base to build upon."
Thanks for posting that. I'd sure like to read the whole interview. Is it online somewhere, or could you scan it for us?

I should have figured that Matt Jeffries would feel ripped off by Franz Joseph building on Jeffries work, on both the interior set designs and the ship exterior.

It's not just a matter of acknowledgement; Franz Joseph made a fortune on his two STAR TREK best sellers and obviously Jeffries got nothing.

I read somewhere that the Roddenberry's also became indignant that FJ made so much money on the project-- after being given permission for free to go ahead with it. Gene had gotten half of Alexander Courage's royalties for the STAR TREK theme and half of Stephen Whitfield's royalties for THE MAKING OF STAR TREK, but the blueprints were a big missed opportunity for him and it stung.

The shoe was on the other foot a little later, when Michael McMaster started selling his Enterprise Bridge and Klingon Battlecruiser blueprints. McMaster sent Joseph the Klingon plans expecting praise, but Joseph was extremely annoyed that McMaster had largely transplanted FJ's Enterprise floorplan designs into the shape of the Klingon ship. So FJ was like, that kid ripped me off!
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