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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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The hope right now is that we'll get a longer trailer in the next week followed by a 9-10 minute preview of episode 15 early in April.

With that I hope to get more ship details and ships added to the lists. I need some technical data on the carriers and I need info on the not yet seen battle carrier (if they have this in this version of the series at all).
With regard to ships and ship details, with all the reworking so far (IE characters that appeared in later series already making an appearance here in the first Yamato 2199 storyline); I wonder if we'll see the dual Wave Motion cannoned Andromeda Class make an appearance before these 26 episodes are done?

(If not, I hope they continue with a re-imagined Comet Empire storyline next )
I don't think Earth is really in a position to build another space battleship right now.
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