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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

The Ark of Truth: And so another religion dies at the hands of Science Fiction.

I loved the whole thing. What a satisfying and interesting finale. Drama, shock (I almost had a heart attack when the replicator appeared), and enough of an open ending not to be smug.

So they really did manage to wipe out a whole race of ascended beings.. wow. I guess that's why they weren't too concerned with using a machine to change the Ori follower's minds like the original folk who had it. After genocide what's a little mass mind wiping.

I found Teal'c's talk to Tomin on how you live with what evils you have done very moving, in fact I would say it was Teal'c's greatest moment and one of the most emotional things I've see in Stargate. That it occurred fairly early on in the movie set the scene for how serious both personally and galaxy wide these events were going to be. Religion, Vala's daughter, Vala's husband, betrayal by the IOC, sympathy for the betrayer as he turns replicator zombie.. there is a lot of deep stuff in this.

Also, Vala has great tits:

The snowy mountain peaks that the movie opens with were stunning, and there is some lovely fantasy scenery.

I was super impressed with how fabulous they made Adria look during her pah wraith appearances. This is just gorgeous stuff! Put her on the cover of a Game

I like how Tomin (who looked completely hot in this movie) is now in a leadership position and wanting to sift through the Ori teachings and look for a way to hang onto the good. Perhaps the Ori followers won't fall into the hands of another power mad group as easily as happened to so many when freed from the Goa'uld if everything that gave meaning to their lives isn't ripped away from them.

Great movie all round, very satisfying.


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