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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I just hate Endgame. :P
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I will spare you my impassioned defense of C/7..

See, I am quite nice.

Even though I prefer J/C together...I don't hate C/7... if the show took the time to develop it more...or at least start it off earlier (that Chakotay hologram does not count), it would have been better, I think. It was just the complete randomness of right at the last possible minute, they paired them off.

Tom and B'Elanna were an unlikely couple at first, but they made it work because it was slow and steady and had a purpose. Chakotay and Seven weren't really seen as potential romantic partners until Endgame...except for Seven's holographic Chakotay a few episodes earlier in which you realize...okay, Seven likes him THAT way. But you don't ever see the real Chakotay knowing about it or reciprocating...until Endgame.

And to top it off, I hated how Chakotay didn't tell Janeway that he was seeing her. He just told her he "had plans". Got mad at that part.
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