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Re: TOS: Spock Must Die! by James Blish [SPOILERS]

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Is it necessarily? Modern Trek literature seems to have settled upon quantum entanglement as the mechanism by which telepathy works, but absent spooky action at a distance some sort of psionic radiation is necessary. Tachyons make as much sense as any other form, especially given the tendency in science fiction before Star Trek (Heinlein's Time for the Stars, say) to describe telepaths as able to communicate simultaneously across light-years and to distinguish between the mere material workings of the brain and the infinite powers of the mind.
But as I said, it's not so much the idea of tachyons being associated with thought that bothered me, but the really inane logic that was used to justify that idea -- that we don't store memories or imagine things in our own heads but send magic radar beams out to ping off them. If that's how it works, how can we imagine things that don't exist?
The noosphere? I see what you mean now.

An apparently mysterious reality?
I don't understand.
As I understand it, Spock becoming a sex symbol alongside Kirk was a bit of a surprise to everyone. Coming up with in-universe explanations for this might have been something Blish was interested in.

I don't think I'd share in those fears, but, well, we're far from developing transporter technology so I've no way to test them.
I had an idea a while back that offered some comfort on that point:

Nice. In any case, the idea of there being breaks in my consciousness, whether we're talking about teleportation or about copying (of just my mindstate or my entire body), isn't necessarily a deal-breaker. So long as there is some subjective continuity, I'll be fine.
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