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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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That everyone on the Enterprise in TOS was an officer. Silly. Just damned silly and impractical.
My take on this is Starfleet officers are all "officers," the same way all Police officers are "officers."

Miles O'Brien is a senior NCO, but he is also a Starfleet officer.

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Maybe the waiters are trainee chefs? Did we see people cleaning dishes? You'd think there'd be a machine to do that given that even we have dishwashers.
We do see people clearing tables in ten forward (and serving), and we rarely see machines robots. My thought is that these are paid civilian contractors working for Starfleet, likely spouses of Starfleet crewmembers.

Problem there is that isn't in the least how it works in the military, the lowest ranking enlisted clean the "latrines, and the Navy (iirc) has a janitorial career field. Once you're "made" in the service (E3 or bouts) the only time you touch a communal toilet is with your ass cheeks.

If someone refuses to perform in your supposed "post-scarcity" society what happens? Fire them? Strictly speaking they don't work for you. Psychology conditioning? Force? Penial colonies?

I think the transporters are fine, as long as they are used solely as a transportation device, move from point A to point B.

Except that wouldn't be a technological change, it would be a deliberate social and cultural one.

Clarke also wrote that in the future we would breed and slaughter whales as a major part of Humanities food supply. That wacky Clarke.

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The Omega Glory is one of my two hated Star Trek episodes. I think it's pretty good that I only have two out of 700+
The Omega Glory is one of my top ten all time favorite episodes of Trek, all series.
One of my favorites as well, I think it had a lot to say. Star Trek is at it's best when it has a lot to say.

As to the "what happens if someone refuses to perform" question, well, what happens when someone doesn't think it's right that they have to pay a chunk of their income in taxes in our modern society? Or they don't think they should be forced to wear seatbelts?

people like to act like coercion is somehow the deal-breaker in a socialist or quasi-socialist system, which I always find hilarious. There's coercion of some sort in EVERY society that has and ever will exist, so let's just be open about it.
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