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Re: Does It Get Better???

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She'd have to go back to preCaretaker to save the 76 crewmen aboard Equinox before half of them died in the first week, and the rest either died or went bad and died, or went bad and then waited for trial on Earth for the next 2 decades on Voyager in the Admirals timeline.
Really you could keep going back and back and back the more people you thought of who were dead. But eventually you run into the possibility that you might not make it to the favorite thing to save, which is 7.

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One more complaint...the Doctor's dumb blonde wife before the timeline change...WTF. Out of character? Yes?
Oh it was fabulous. Of course he's flattered as hell that a REAL woman who also curiously has similar features to his protege/crush that he half created wants him. And I bet she's smart as hell too, just knows how to please the Doctor with the right fawning. Probably has a payoff for both of them, that dynamic.
Hahahaha...alright, I won't hate on her. He is a hologram and got a real woman to marry him. She just didn't smart as I would think a person like the Doctor would want for a wife. But I don't know. You only see her for about a minute. haha.

I just hate Endgame. :P
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