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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Who started this "Superman lives forever" BS, anyway?! That never quite made sense to me. He aged at normal speed into his late 20s, so why would that change all of the sudden?! It also kinda came out of nowhere in the 90s, I felt, and suddenly, everyone was doing it.
That's not true. There were stories by Elliot S! Maggin in the '70s and '80s that portrayed Superman as effectively immortal and still being around thousands of years in the future. Here's one from 1984 where he's still around in the 60th century. There may have been earlier ones in the '60s as well. After all, that was the era when Superman's powers were at their most unlimited and godlike.

As for the sense of it, there's no real inconsistency between growing up at a normal rate and senescing at a slow or nonexistent rate, because those are two distinct processes. Basically there are two competing things going on in the body, cell growth and cell death/decay. In the first phase of life, maturation, growth dominates. In the middle phase, adulthood, the two are roughly balanced. And in the latter phase, senescence, decay dominates. So if you slow decay, it could slow aging in the latter part of life without affecting maturation in the early part of life.
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