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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Besides Janeway asking Chakotay to "set a course for home", they don't converse at all in the episode. He also uncharacteristically refers to Janeway's future self as just "an admiral from the future" and not the person who has been his friend for 7 years. A little disrespectful, I think... Sheesh.
He refers to Admiral Janeway that way because she is not the person who has been his friend for 7 years. This is normal etiquette for when you meet someone from the future you know in the current day.. you're suspicious, you don't know if this person in front of you has led a life that has potentiallymade them a very different person than the current person you know. Chakotay is respectful but making a point that this Admiral is not his Janeway.

Everyone wasn't all lovey dovey with future Amy Pond either. Even James Kirk said "bullshit" when confronted with future Spock.
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