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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Finished The Ark in Space. This was a great story. I don't care about bad effects in TV shows/movies if the story is good, and this was good. The characters were good, and of course the Doctor continues to be great. I'd say that I'm officially a fan of the Fourth Doctor now. I'll probably just keep going through his serials in order until I'm done. Next up is The Sontaran Experiment, then Genesis of the Daleks)
That was the season that got me hooked, and it's immensely heart-warming to hear it still works for someone (I guess) both younger and older than myself - in that I turned eight halfway through Sontaran Experiment.
As Sindatur says, Genesis is... well, even people who can't stomach the mid-70s production values still tend to like Genesis. As you can, the only danger is that we'll overhype it for you!
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