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Re: STID and Number of Views on Youtube

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I have been looking at the number of views of the trailers on Youtube for this year´s blockbuster movies.

And STID was doing great with the first teaser trailer back in December, but Man of Steel did a lot better. Then, the official trailer did a lot worse.

Some random movies (searching for official trailer plus title):

World War Z 5.1 million
Iron Man 3 6.6 million
Fast And Furious 5.2 million
Hangover III 3.5 million
Man of Steel (The second trailer on Warner´s channel) 29.2 million
Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer 13 million
Star Trek Into Darkness #2 trailer 2.4 million

What do you think? Is the interest in Into Darkness fading? Will the big push in April and May turn it around?

I think the movie will gross about 500 million dollars worldwide. Still, I get worried when I see that the interest might be smaller than I first thought.
Paramount does seem to be slightly complacent in regards to this film compared to the last one. We haven't heard of any promotional tie ins yet, etc. All we have is Kre-Os..... TrekMovie was a big part of the experience, at least for me, with the last film. Anthony disappearing from and leaving the site lifeless for one or two weeks at a time kills the momentum too. Oh well, we still have two months.
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