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Re: Does It Get Better???

Because you have nuts, those novels were not written for you Screed, so feel comfortable that you have made the perfect decision.

Despite having the first female Captain the show still intentionally wasn't geared towards a female audience especially, even if it attracted one quite well, because Seven of Nine completely backfired... They wanted millions of 14 year old boys rubbing their trousers looking at Jeri, but what they actually got was thousands of 14 year old girls believing (accurately and) purposefully that women can break any sort of boundary and be bloody impressive while doing it... But "most" of those novels are made with the female reader in mind and I found them toxic.

Why did the Admiral pick that moment?

Seven of Nine was going to die and Chakotays heart was going to break, and then he breaks. Admiral Janeway had to wait till their relationship had started but neither one of them had died. There's no point in saving Chanika's lives too early if they're not going to get it on and live happily ever after.

Tuvok just needed a medical mind meld from a compatible Vulcan Doctor and he would have been fine, but because Voyager took so long to get home he decayed beyond their ability to fix. She should have brought a Vulcan Doctor with her to the Future. Doctor Selar even because I love her.

Neelix still got his happy ever after with that girl where he was crowned king. Seriously, he was boss and had a fine piece of fluff waiting in the bedroom when he got home from work. Oh and a son. Like Janeway had the heart to unfather Neelix just so he could sit alone in his room on Earth every night crying about how none of the humans would frakk him.

And why not just scrub everything?

In Eye of the Needle they already admitted that by Episode 7 that their crew had had FAR TO MUCH POSITIVE IMPACT on the Delta Quadrant and that it would be just rude to stop Caretaker kidnapping and raping the crew, which in turn would rob the Delta Quadrant of how awesome their continued presence was.... Just a little full of themselves, much for episode seven?

Besides if you nix them at Caretaker, then suddenly there's no Teran computer revolution of the 1970s, and the Q Civil war is completely up in the air, and we'd get to find out if 8472 were just posturing or if they really were going to PURGE the galaxy of all life? But even though it was mostly irrelevant and trivial, she couldn't screw with the events of Q2 because Q would notice/know and kick a stink that she was screwing with his personal timeline.... Q2 was the fartherest back she could go without Q clouting her in the back of the head like Gibbs does to Denozo on NCIS when ever he fucks up.

Another possibility is that Miral only agreed to kill herself, like she doesn't know what happens when you change the past. The fake future is obliterated, but she only agreed to help crazy old Admiral Janeway if she could fix it that she was born in the Alpha Quadrant and didn't have to put up with the first ridiculous 14 years of her life on Voyager alone mostly catching up to Naomi for height and then fighting blondy mean girls style to see who gets Icheb (A seven year old Klingon looks, acts and is treated like an adult by just about everyone.). So not only was Miral complicit in her own suicide but she confirmed that the device worked by using it off camera which means that this "future" was already an alternate from whence the Admiral first planned to go about this lark.

(I haven't seen Endgame in maybe three years? This is me cold, calm and rusty)
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