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Re: Campaign to Restore William Shatner's STV TFF for Blu-ray spec. ed

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Trek V feels like a cast reunion in which the actors rarely ever truly appear "in-character", which was, I think, Shatner's doing. He made them act in a very casual way, which made them more personable, which was good, but also less believable as senior officers in positions of respect and high-authority, and this was directly opposed to what the franchise had set in motion with the stiff TMP and the sweet spot of Khan where Kirk is the seasoned pro with occasional bouts of winking and rule-breaking.
Think you could say the same for TSFS or TVH, yet they were succesfull or better executed.

Grant wrote: View Post
Cutting all that nonsense would reduce the movie to under 90 minutes and it couldn't be rebuilt into any kind of strong story.

still I kind of wish they would try......
Ok, take out the nonsense and replace it with the rock creature, guess it would take it over 90 minutes.
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