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Re: Commodore Wesley confuses me

In line with C.E. Evans' comment and strictly playing the devil's advocate here, but still...

BillJ wrote: View Post
Did he really think that Kirk could slice up four starships that quickly and effectively?
Well, he is James Tiberius Kirk, tactical genius and bad-ass captain of the Enterprise. He's a brilliant commander, an experienced soldier, and an unconventional tactician. So maybe he could slice up four starships that quickly and effectively.

Sadara wrote: View Post
Wesley has known Kirk for years and should know that sort of behavior isn't part of Kirk's character.
Or maybe it is. Wesley has known Kirk for years, we have only see him for, what? 50 hours? And that's being generous with screen time. So maybe Wesley knows something that we don't know.

Sadara wrote: View Post
He seemed to have more faith in that M5 machine than Kirk apparently.
Which maybe tells us more about Kirk that it does about Wesley.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
But Wesley's "Jim, what are you doing?" is indeed rather odd, since Kirk says at the end of the episode that he knew Robert Wesley.

So it's safe to assume that this is mutual and Bob Wesley should know that Kirk wasn't deliberately killing hundreds of fellow Starfleet crew members just because Wesley upsetted him by calling him "Captain Dunsel" (add to this he would have focused his revenge on the Lexington).
Again, same reasoning here. Maybe Kirk, a brilliant but unconventional mind, is under strict surveillance from Starfleet, which is just waiting him to snap, but can't do without his experience and genius. Think about it: did anybody in Starfleet raise an eyebrow when they believed Kirk crippled Gorkon's ship and sent people to assassinate him?
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