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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Besides Janeway asking Chakotay to "set a course for home", they don't converse at all in the episode. He also uncharacteristically refers to Janeway's future self as just "an admiral from the future" and not the person who has been his friend for 7 years. A little disrespectful, I think... Sheesh.
Yeah, but granted that's because the Admiral from the future is some psycho-bitch on a power trip.

I've got ex-girlfriends that were my friends for a long time before our break up, but if I ever saw them again and introduced them to my friends, I'd be like "some chick I used to bang."
True...but it was still Janeway. Despite being older and from the future, it was still her. And she came from the future FOR THEM. So that Chakotay and Seven wouldn't die and Tuvok wouldn't go into a state of dementia.

Although I would have rather had Endgame NOT use time travel and not have an admiral from the future...I still just don't like the way they just blew off Chakotay and Janeway's friendship like that.

Again...WHY DID CHAKOTAY DIE. I need to know. Haha. Not fair...

Also... J/C shippers needed one more episode so Chakotay and Seven could break up and Chakotay and Janeway could share a passionate kiss at the welcome home gala...I'm just...adding that to my list of complaints. :P
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