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Re: Does It Get Better???

Ahh mention of Endgame.

The admiral version of Janeway obviously didn't give a crap about the Temporal Prime Directive, but still managed to leave out a host of details.

Here are the reasons I personally dislike Endgame:

1. I have to say it even though it's been said a million times and I understand that not everyone hates it as much as I do...but Seven and Chakotay? Really? Random, underdeveloped, and just...wrong.

2. Chakotay dies...why? All Janeway says is "he was brokenhearted after Seven's death". Okay...soooo did he kill himself? How did he die? Why? What?

3. How exactly did Seven die? Janeway says she "was injured and died" but no details at all.

ADMIRAL: Seven of Nine is going to die.
ADMIRAL: Three years from now she'll be injured on an away mission. She'll make it back to Voyager, and die in the arms of her husband.

4. In the original timeline: How did they get home in 23 years instead of the pre-mentioned 70? From what I can recall, they don't say.

5. They do not show any reunion on Earth after the admiral changes the timeline...if anything, the Endgame story should have been the second-to-last episode or third-to-last so the viewers AT LEAST get to see them land on Earth and see their families or SOMETHING. it's like... dang, I watched 7 whole seasons and I don't even get to see them back on Earth. I guess that's what the novels and fanfiction are for... -_-

6. You never actually see Janeway and Chakotay discussing his relationship with Seven...

This is all you get:

JANEWAY: Oh, I don't know. I wouldn't mind giving his red alert chilli a try. Feel like having lunch?
CHAKOTAY: I'd love to, but I've already made plans. Rain check?
JANEWAY: Absolutely.

Besides Janeway asking Chakotay to "set a course for home", they don't converse at all in the episode. He also uncharacteristically refers to Janeway's future self as just "an admiral from the future" and not the person who has been his friend for 7 years. A little disrespectful, I think... Sheesh.

There's more... those are my main reasons though. Argh...
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