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Re: Commodore Wesley confuses me

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Funny, when I saw the thread title I had something else in mind.

But Wesley's "Jim, what are you doing?" is indeed rather odd, since Kirk says at the end of the episode that he knew Robert Wesley.

So it's safe to assume that this is mutual and Bob Wesley should know that Kirk wasn't deliberately killing hundreds of fellow Starfleet crew members just because Wesley upsetted him by calling him "Captain Dunsel" (add to this he would have focused his revenge on the Lexington).
I actually don't think it's safe to assume that at all.

The only thing that Wesley really has to go on is that the Enterprise is attacking other Federation ships with weapons at full power. Wesley didn't know that the M-5 could malfunction so badly that Kirk could lose total control of his ship. In fairly short order, though, it became a moot point because the Enterprise had to be stopped regardless who was in control of her.
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