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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I can see the first part maybe being important, but there was nothing of worth in the overly long ISN report at all. They could have given all the info they did (Earth is trying to pretend that Sheridan is mentally unstable and influenced by aliens) in a 30 second clip. Instead, I had to sit through the worst segment in B5 so far, and probably the most pointless. I knew they were doing propaganda. I knew pretty much what they were saying. Taking up a significant part of the episode with a completely pointless ISN propaganda segment was just stupid. Also, just to be clear, when I say its painful, its not because of the fact that they're bashing characters I like. Its painful because its just awful television. Still, it can really only get better from here. Even with the decent beginning, this is easily the worst epiusode of B5 I've seen. The ISN segment was enough to give it that honor. It felt like I spent 3 hours watching the TV and just wanting to turn it off. I don't know why JMS went this route with the propaganda, but I wish he had stayed away from stuff like this. He can't write it very well, and he definately can't make it entertaining. He shopuld have just mentioned that it was happening, and maybe give one brief example. It shouldn't have become almost its own subplot, and given a whole episode.
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