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Re: Does It Get Better???

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So, my question about how they were going to get home was answered in Endgame.........through a convoluted time travel plot, future Janeway helps the Voyager from our timeline get home 16 years faster than in her own timeline.

If Janeway can go all the way back in time, why did she pick this particular point in time?
Exactly. We the viewer were cheated out of 16 more seasons of adventures of the Voyager crew, which in the prime universe clearly occurred. Instead, that universe was branched and we're left with our universe, in which the Voyager mission only lasted 7 years and not 23.

Future Janeway picks that point in time to return to because it satisfies the plot necessities. The show was ending, and that was the point in the story at which the show was currently at, so that becomes the end of the show.

Say it with me now, deus ex machina.

Of course, at the rate B&B and the writers were going, I don't know that I would have really wanted to see seasons 8-23 of Voyager. It's probably best they ended it when they did.

For anyone that reads the novels, has any writer tackled the stories of a Voyager that didn't go home in Endgame?

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which leads to my next point.....


What a wasted opportunity. Seriously, they're not going to show us what happens to them all?
I agree that I'd like to see what happened when they got home, but as others have pointed out there are novels for that. As I have no real interest in reading continuation novels, I can't really be that upset about not knowing. It's a valid plot device, though. Rarely does an epilogue (especially not an extended epilogue) do the main story any justice.

For example, how tacked on did the epilogue to Harry Potter feel? And this is one reason I'm hesitant about a ninth season of How I Met Your Mother, as it has been strongly hinted that we're going to meet the mother in the season 8 finale.
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