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Re: NBC Sucks! AKA NBC Primetime lowest watched week ever!

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I think these are all nitpicks that the few of us who do like the show don't really care about. They got rid of the most annoying elements from last season and replaced them with more music and more story about the two shows in production. The power struggle between over who is going to run the show, between Eileen and her ex-husband is great.
Oh, I am glad that Julia's husband is GONE. The acting was bad from the whole family. The adoption storyline, the overreaction from the 17-year-old that wants a baby sister? The pot smoking? The horrible acting choices. I am glad both are gone. And if they had continued the "Who's going to be Marilyn?" storyline another year, I probably would've tuned out. Although, some fans still want them to compete, they think that's dramatic.

I have also heard that "too many storylines are going on at once." I think this is what's great about this year (although there's some potential that hasn't been fulfilled). The scope of the show is bigger. I like the inside references. I like that I had to look up who Jordan Roth was and that the St. James was a real theater (and that Roth is 3rd generation owner), or who Michael Riedel was (I even read one of his reviews). I liked that I had to look up "Dangerous Liaisons" to find out what play Ivy was starring in (And Cruel Intentions was based on it, some scenes from the movie not related to CI made in the early 90s). It's a window into the real Broadway that I never get to see because I don't live in New York and I don't have the money to see the touring shows. All I would be doing is reading theater blogs, somebody else's opinion of the show.

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The creative way the music is being presented this season is a revelation compared to last season when it seemed every song and it's placement and presentation were completely predictable (and I'm not talking only about the songs from the show).
We agree here. The songs have meaning for the characters and their relevance in the show as well. They haven't missed a beat with the music. I think the show's music is the one thing that has gotten better as time has gone along. I don't mean to leave you with the impression I'm not thrilled to watch it every week. It's just not perfect or worth an award for more than the music.

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The concept was good, but I didn't care about the direction in which Dev wanted to go. After a while I thought, okay, just let him go and move on -- the show is now better for it. Now if Dev had been say, a musician who wanted Karen to front his band or an actor who wanted the two to move to California and get into film, that might have been interesting. But the fact that he was a political staffer just didn't interest me at all in his character.
Krysta Rodriguez has really taken over for Dev as far as giving someone for Karen to verbalize what she's thinking. But they don't use her enough and so Karen is just out there trying to be with Jeremy Jordan, nothing really from rehearsal or her dealings with people in the business. That's part of why I miss him. I think it was a loving relationship and I don't really care if he was a clown in a carnival instead of a politician, he was going to have to leave and he was being pushed aside for Rebecca Duvall, he tried to ask her to move to Washington, DC and never finished the conversation. He started avoiding her and keeping things from her because he was afraid he'd lose her. And it caused her to be hurt that he wasn't telling her things. I don't think Dev was the problem last season, and as an avid political junkie, there was nothing in the show that remotely dealt with politics. A sex scandal? That you find in the tabloids. It's not like they were talking about policy on Smash.
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