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Re: Existing sci-fi stories adapted into Star Trek?

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If memory serves, "Robot's Return" was a story premise for GENESIS II, written around 1973, several years after Lucas' "The Changeling."
Umm, here is what I said in post #7:
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("In Thy Image" was itself inspired by "Robots Return," an unused story idea from Roddenberry's failed Genesis II series premise. It's possible that Roddenberry drew on "The Changeling," consciously or otherwise, in conceiving of "Robots Return," but Foster and Livingston may have had no knowledge of that. In any case, it's an indirect enough line of influence that it doesn't qualify as an adaptation.)
So you're just repeating what's already been stated.

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Wasn't the Voyager episode "Blink of an Eye" based on an existing science fiction story?
It does bear a broad conceptual similarity to Robert L. Forward's novels Dragon's Egg and Starquake, about a society of life forms on a neutron star who live millions of times faster than we do (because the particles of atomic-density matter are so much closer together so interactions happen far faster). But it isn't directly based on those books by any means, otherwise there'd be a story credit for Forward, and there isn't. I find a lot of online speculation that the books may have inspired the episode, but it's only speculation based on their similarity. And really, they aren't similar at all beyond the "aliens who live really fast" premise.
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