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Re: Commodore Wesley confuses me

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I guess I overlooked it, but I didn't really sense that Kirk's peers disliked him that much. Even so, assuming someone we don't like went off the deep end just because that's what we're hoping for isn't exactly rational.
The first part of my comment was a joke (note the smiley).

The second part is what I really think what happened. As far as Wesley knew, the M-5 had a shut-off switch that Kirk could flip if it ever malfunctioned. Wesley didn't know that the M-5 could override its shut-off switch. Heck, Kirk and the gang didn't know it could do that.
Sure, no one knew that, but it still doesn't make sense to assume that Kirk went nuts rather than the M5.
Think about it, though. As far as Wesley knew, the M-5 had a shut-off switch in the event of a malfunction, and as such, there was no way that the Enterprise would be attacking other Federation starships unless Kirk was authorizing the M-5 to do so. Nobody (other than perhaps Daystrom) knew that the M-5 could arrange things so that Kirk couldn't turn it off.
Wesley has known Kirk for years and should know that sort of behavior isn't part of Kirk's character.
Which may have been the only thing that prevented the Enterprise from being blown to bits once the M-5 deactivated itself.
The M5, sure it did great in simulated tests, but it was still the more unknown variable. Assuming Kirk just freaked out is still more than a stretch.
Not necessarily, because people have snapped before with powerful weapons at their disposal.
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