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Re: Commodore Wesley confuses me

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In the Ultimate Computer, he knew the M5 was being tested in its abilities to run a starship and yet when things go wrong he assumes Kirk is just having a tantrum instead of considering the possibility that the M5 malfunctioned. Not exactly command material in my opinion.
"The Enterprise refuses to answer and is continuing attack. I still have an effective battle force and believe the only way to stop the Enterprise is to destroy her. Request permission to proceed. Wesley, commanding attack force, out."

I think that whether Kirk had gone mad, or M-5 was malfunctioning, or the Enterprise was suddenly comandeered by magic evil spirts, Wesly's command actions probably needed to be the same no matter what the cause was: with the Enterprise failing to respond and with it blasting the hell out of the four starships, "the only way to stop the Enterprise was to destroy her"--whatever the actual cause had been.
I agree that the course of action would likely have remained the same. I'm just questioning Wesley's reasoning as to the cause. He seemed to have more faith in that M5 machine than Kirk apparently.
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