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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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I must have missed some detail. How did Owen and his father manage to stop in Storybrooke to begin with if the town is cloaked to the outside world?
I think it was because they were camping on the land that Storybrook came to encapsulate. Remember how the purple mist engulfed them in the teaser.

Once the boy left the confines of the town, he was as blind to Storybrook as everyone else.

I still want to know who HER is in his phone.

Pity that all Regina learned from her first experience with the Jersey boys was to take the kid when he's a baby. She's still trying to force the issue with Henry, but at least she's starting to listen to him.

Loved it when she burned the spell.

I wonder, if Snow will learn to forgive Regina for all that she's done, now that Snow's own heart is no longer pure.
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