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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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Nice, but I would still like to see an attempt at making a place for the turbo lift to slide to the side so that the bridge isn't offset. I envision a lift going to the top and sliding to the left where the doors open to enter the bridge. On either side of the shaft, there is space for an extra lift so that one is always stationed at the bridge. If someone leaves the bridge, the extra lift slides into place once it's gone. If someone is transporting to the bridge, the lift that's in position slides out of the way for the incoming one. The shaft that's viewed from the outside could be a docking port if needed. Very easy way to access a spacedock or starbase using the ship's own turbolift. Instead of going to the bridge, people can use it to go directly to their quarters on a Starbase.

It might require a few tweaks in the size of things but if the Galileo Shuttlecraft is bigger on the inside (like a Tardis) then there's no reason the turboshaft system couldn't allow for my scenario.
Moving the turbolift access point in order to change the offset angle of the bridge presents a whole set of problems that may not be readily apparent. The geometry of the outer hull would have to change and that takes you out of the safe zone of being canonical. It also cuts off access to the maintenance walkway on one side of the lift. It also cuts off
rear panel access to the engineering consoles. And it would cut off the access point needed to feed main power either to the sensor array or to the bridge deck consoles. Pretty critical junction point. I could probably go on for a little while; but, from my chair, I don't see how it could be done practically with this floor plan. It could be done; but, you'd compromise the design in doing it.
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