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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

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I marathoned all the Trek films this weekend. I'd put Insurrection and First Contact in my Top 5 of the movie series, below Wrath of Khan, The Motion Picture and Undiscovered Country. They're not amazing films or anything but they were highly enjoyable watches, whereas I found Voyage Home a chore for pandering/spoon-feeding too much to non-fans and Trek haters. Nemesis was very... flat. Not awful, just flat.

So, I maintain that Generations gets the hate that the other TNG films deserve. It's a film with no drive or purpose. The only film of the original 10 that I can say I dislike. The rest are all pretty watchable.

no drive or purpose? What does that mean? What great purpose does Insurrection have that Generations lacks? boob and pimple jokes?
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