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STID and Number of Views on Youtube

I have been looking at the number of views of the trailers on Youtube for this year´s blockbuster movies.

And STID was doing great with the first teaser trailer back in December, but Man of Steel did a lot better. Then, the official trailer did a lot worse.

Some random movies (searching for official trailer plus title):

World War Z 5.1 million
Iron Man 3 6.6 million
Fast And Furious 5.2 million
Hangover III 3.5 million
Man of Steel (The second trailer on Warner´s channel) 29.2 million
Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer 13 million
Star Trek Into Darkness #2 trailer 2.4 million

What do you think? Is the interest in Into Darkness fading? Will the big push in April and May turn it around?

I think the movie will gross about 500 million dollars worldwide. Still, I get worried when I see that the interest might be smaller than I first thought.
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