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Re: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (SPOILERS)

I saw this back when it came out mid-January and found it a mixed bag. I wanted it a bit more serious and got a film with more cheese and predictability than I expected.

I think I gave it a C/C- type grade.

That said, it did end in a way for further adventures and if a sequel improved upon this vs giving the audience more of the same and actually increasing what I thought was cheesy then I'd give it a look.

The film has quietly made $205m Worldwide on a $50m budget, with $54m US domestic.
I've not heard of any news links where Paramount has made any sequel talk. However, if they handled this well they might have their own little Resident Evil/Underworld type franchise here if they put enough thought into it. Renner may be tougher to get back if things pan out with Aaron Cross getting a film out of Bourne Legacy and he's back in MI:5 along with Avengers films he'll be busy just on that.

However, Gemma might be easier to get, monetarily and create room on her schedule. Come up with a reason Hansel has gone missing (off to try and save his "good witch" love that is somehow ok now) and have a solo female lead like RE/UW.
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