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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

I liked the flashback. It was good to be reminded how much difference there is between Mary-Margaret and Snow. It was a shock to see Regina pull out her heart.

It's a bit annoying how they keep using Henry as a trophy. Sometimes it seems like no-one actually cares about him as a real boy they just want to own him. Although, he is starting to get a bit annoying again. I know he's only a kid, so he's going to see things in black & white, but I thought Emma might sit down with him and say these people aren't just characters from a fairytale, they're real and they're human and sometimes they make mistakes.

I wonder what's going on with David's father as well. For a moment they seemed to be setting him up to have a major part to play but we haven't seen him in ages.

I did love Granny's line to Red, something like "It's only the breakfast that's supposed to be over-easy around here."
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