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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

Funny, I can imagine a kind of "Ship of Theseus" scenario happening, at least in an absurdist reality. Each decade or so, the owners of Trek (whether it be Paramount, CBs, Toho, whomever) decides to "spruce up" the material, trying to keep it a commercially viable property. This time around, it was cleaned up live action footage and digital space shots that would look good in HDTV. Ten or twenty years from now, when (or if) some definitive form of domestic 3D has become the standard and norm, the episodes are tweaked again, this time to give "depth" to the shots. There will be those fans who feel TOS should remain a 2D medium. And for those who are a bit more accepting of the update in general, will probably find fault with the "depth of field" selected by the enhnacement team.

But where does one go from there? Smell-O-Vision? "I don't like the choice of cologne the fragrance staff gave Kirk! The Salt Vampire should smell like a dry sea bed, not the dry lake beds of the SouthWest!" Maybe Feel-O-Vision (aka "Grope-O-Rama")? "Oh, come on! Uhura feels like she's got 'implants'! Being a self confident woman of the 23rd century, hers should be 'natural'!" Of course, you'd have those fans debating whether Spock's ear tips should feel like tissue or like the foam latex appliances they really were.

Yes, I am being a bit silly.


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