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Re: Genre switching sequels?

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
Arguably, the "Alien" series.

Alien was a horror story with the trappings of science fiction, while Aliens was more a war movie in a science fiction setting.

Alien 3, of course, was just crap.
Alien was Sci-Fi horror, so was Aliens. Or you might call both Sci Fi monster movies.

Kelthaz wrote: View Post
Terminator. Of course, you have to ignore the last two films for this to work, but everyone already does that anyway.

Terminator 1 was a horror movie
Terminator 2 was an action flick
T1 was a Sci Fi monster movie. T2 was also a Sci Fi monster movie (without the killing).

Christopher wrote: View Post
Oh, how about the Lou Grant character being spun off from the half-hour sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show to the hourlong drama Lou Grant?
Perfect example of what the OP was talking about.
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