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Only the series is still followed after forty years. Check back with me in four decades and tell me if ST09 is still remembered.
It will be. I believve you once had an issue with any Star Trek produced post 1979 - yet 31 years later, STII:TWoK is not only remembered, but remembered fondly (even with all it's ploty holes and continuity issues.)

For some fans who now like original era Str Trek too -- the ST09 film WAS their intro to the Star Trek franchise, so I'm sure they'll remember and reminisce about it fondly.

Hell TNG Season 1 is still considered garbage by myself and a lot of other older (TOS) fans, yet now, a lot TNG fans look on it with fondness, and still like it as it's what got them into Star Trek fandom.
Damn straight. Of course it'll be remembered. Heck, even the disappointing parts of the Trek franchise are remembered -- we remember ST V, we remember "Threshold," we remember "These Are the Voyages." We remember all of it, the good and the bad and most of the in between. (Except TAS. That tends to get overlooked a lot.)

Of course, ST '09 actually has the highest critical and audience approval ratings of any Trek film ever made and is the most financially successful Trek film since TMP. It will be remembered by most people just as fondly as TWOK is, and for much the same reasons -- TWOK was the film that saved the franchise from extinction, and ST '09 was the film that brought it back from extinction. They both gave it new leases on life, began new eras in its history, and so of course they both have an indelible place in its history. I accept that about TWOK even though I personally dislike it.

But even if most people really did dislike ST '09 as much as Warped9 does, it would certainly still be remembered, because fandom is nothing if not devoted to its hatreds. Either way, love it or hate it, it makes no sense to claim it won't be remembered.
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