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Re: Does It Get Better???

Alright, so my thoughts on Endgame........

Well there are a couple ways that I can critique this episode. One, I can critique this episode for what was actually in it. Two, I can critique it for what was NOT in it. I'm going to do both.

Okay, so we've finally made it to the end of the series. I knew going into this episode that they were going to make it home. In fact, I've known it for a very long time. The show ended 12 years ago, and I've been floating around Trek forums long enough that it would have been impossible for me to not read that spoiler at one point or another. So, going into this episode I wanted to know exactly how they were going to get home, who was going to make it back alive, who wasn't, and what was going to happen when they were finally reunited with Starfleet.

So, my question about how they were going to get home was answered in Endgame.........through a convoluted time travel plot, future Janeway helps the Voyager from our timeline get home 16 years faster than in her own timeline. Not bad. Time travel has been done to death in Trek, especially in Voyager, but I'll buy it......well, I'll mostly buy it. If Janeway can go all the way back in time, why did she pick this particular point in time?............Okay, so Voyager was close to the Borg travel hubs, so she wanted to help them use the hubs to travel back home. That makes sense....but couldn't she have also used her technology to go back even further? As several of you pointed out, Carrey had just been killed several episodes earlier. Why didn't she choose to save him, especially considering saving lives was her entire motivation for doing this in the first place? Heck, she could have even gone back to the first episode and prevented them all from being stuck in the Delta Quadrant.

I'm nitpicking. To me, these are minor points that don't detract very much from the viewing experience. Still worth pointing out though.

Moving on, I definitely enjoyed seeing the Voyager crew of the future. Too bad that that future didn't actually happen.......

Another Borg episode? I'm onboard with that. Seeing how they were the biggest villians on this show, it was fitting that they played a large role in the finale, and also that the Borg Queen finally met her end. I have no complaints about any of this.

Chakotay and Seven? They'd been hinting at them getting together, so I'll buy it. Still, it would have been nice to have seen what happened between them once they got home......which leads to my next point.....


What a wasted opportunity. Seriously, they're not going to show us what happens to them all?

What happens to Chakotay and his Maquis mates? I doubt that everyone back home welcomed them with such open arms. There are always the skeptics. Did they go through any kind of trial? Why didn't we see any of this??? I guess we're just supposed to assume that they returned as decorated heroes.

Where was the big father-son reunion between Admiral Paris and Tom? There was some bad blood between them before Voyager was whisked away. It would have been nice to have seen them finally put the past behind them and move on. No hug even???

Where's the big ceremony? Like the one at the end of Star Trek VI. Come on.......

Why couldn't this episode have been three parts instead of two? Or if they'd returned home earlier in the season then we would have had lots of time to see them adapting to life back home in the Alpha Quadrant. But I digress......

I really did enjoy this episode, despite all of my quibbling. I think they did plenty of things right with Endgame, I'm just thinking of ways it could have been even better!

With all that said, my final rating is......


That wraps up this show.
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