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Which Captain was most lenient on their underlings?

We often talk about all the horrible things that the Captain of a given series gets away with, from time travel stuff to Prime Directive stuff to effective murder to effective mass murder. However, I got thinking about which Captain has let their subordinates get away with punishable offenses scott-free? At worst, plenty of people have gotten a "If I EVER catch you doing that again, you're gonna GET it next time. DISMISSED!" sort of speech, the offending party walks out, and that's the last we hear of it.

Which Captain in Trek has been the most guilty?

I'm mostly asking about the five main series Captains, but anyone will do. At which point, Rudy Ransom of the Equinox letting his crew get away with genocide, and approving of their varied plans to detroy Voyager, probably takes the cake. Your mileage?

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