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Re: The AGT Dreadnought Enterprise

Look at the TMP Constitution-class.
On every account, she's much bulkier than her TOS forebear - bigger, thicker saucer, thicker neck, larger secondary hull, broader pylons. Plus way more greeblies, angles and detailing. Hardly sleeker... (And never mind that she basically appears to be an all-new ship that just camouflages as a refit for bureaucratic purposes!)

No, by thinking about how to refine the design then start the ball rolling with a starship design and engineering team, duh.
And then the team comes and tells you that you can have anything else you want, but you can't have sleeker, unless you build an all-new hull. And that's not refitting, that's newbuilding.

It's not easy for me to believe in a third nacelle or other trivialities to the Enterprise-D at all. I think they're utterly horrid and shameful. In comparison, I have no problems with the subtle hull change in the Enterprise-E because of how subtle they are.
Just to clarify, do you find the E-E changes easy to believe in because you can easily pretend they did not happen?

Timo Saloniemi
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