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Re: The AGT Dreadnought Enterprise

I definitely think a true Galaxy-class refit won't look anything like that, but probably just a sleeker version of the original.
How do you make a refit sleeker?
Look at the TMP Constitution-class.
By applying a gigantic cheese-grate?
No, by thinking about how to refine the design then start the ball rolling with a starship design and engineering team, duh.

Which is why it's easy to believe in the adding of a third nacelle or other trivialities to the E-D, but very hard to believe in the subtle hull change in the E-E between the last few movies!
It's not easy for me to believe in a third nacelle or other trivialities to the Enterprise-D at all. I think they're utterly horrid and shameful. In comparison, I have no problems with the subtle hull change in the Enterprise-E because of how subtle they are.
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