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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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It was the first note in a thread called "Politics at Cons", where I was asking if anyone else had encountered a guest who went too far in expressing their political or religious beliefs (that's not why we're there, after all), so it's written in that context:


ETA: Everyone, since this is *not* a TNZ thread, let's refrain from debating the politics involved here. I'm just sharing why *I* found Dirk Benedict to be a bad convention guest. Suffice it to say that he and I are diametrically opposed in our views.
Okay, I'm respecting your wishes that we not debate the politics of what Dirk Benedict said. However, since this is a thread about bad con experiences, I do want to ask... was it the fact that he used his platform to speak about politics and religion that irritated you? Or was it the fact that he advocated positions you disagree with quite vehemently and personally? If, for example, he had gone on a tear about why we should be permitting gay marriage and how not doing so is denying people their fundamental human rights, would you have found his use of the platform as a soapbox so off-putting?

Sincerely curious.
No, as I said in the original post,

Brian wrote:
I've had a couple, but usually it's nothing more than an endorsement of one candidate or another, and it passes quickly and they move on to what they're really there for.
It's the fact that he used the platform of a sci-fi convention to continually make a political point, forgetting why he's actually there.
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