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Re: The one cool thing about the Pope selection process

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Another comment there was interesting, too: that most people are now more concerned with capturing the moment rather than being part of it firsthand. My aunt's husband was like this 20 years ago, though, with his video camera. He filmed all of my family during every bit of a 20 minute walk we took on a snowy afternoon, and when we returned to the house afterwards, wanted immediately to sit and watch what he had filmed....(and had missed ??)...
I can totally relate to this. When one of my children has a concert or school program or something, my wife wants it recorded for for the usual reasons and to share with grandparents who can't be there. Of course I'm the one who gets to take care of the actual filming. I soon learned, however, that I pretty much missed everything because I watched it on the tiny screen of the camera instead of watching it live. It also didn't help that my attention was focused partially on the camera during the event. Now I try to record as little as necessary and don't worry about camera angles/zooming/etc.
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