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Re: SpaceX is a go for April 30th: 1st commercial launch to space stat

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Nobody says that. What they say is that the interceptors that currently exist can't quite pull this off under battlefield conditions because both their timing and their tracking requirements are infeasible under those conditions.
But compared to the normal battlefields where we use missile interceptors, the ICBM and LRBM battlefield is pristine, with vastly simpler trajectories (no hard aerodynamic maneuvering), no smoke, no clouds, no birds, and no nearby aircraft with 10,000 pounds of jamming equipment. It might as well be laboratory conditions.

It's a bit like saying it's impossible to do a kick flip on a skateboard during a hurricane. That statement tells you less about kick flips than it does about hurricanes.
Which is why people who've mastered aerial missile combat in hurricanes shouldn't have any problem pulling it off in perfect weather with not only no wind, but no air.

Put that another way: how would you assess the feasibility of a Mars Sample Return mission if the Martian government started shooting at your return vehicles?
Exactly! Anti-missile missiles would make such a mission highly unlikely to succeed.
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