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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The Illusion of Truth - I decided that, in response to what everyone has been saying, to not fast forward at all during this episode. It was a huge mistake. Now, the first part of the episode didn't need to be skipped. When the episode was on B5, it was fine, and it was worth watching (Lennier's headbutt was pretty funny). Once the episode switched to the ISN report, I should have just stopped. I watched all of the report, from beginning to end, and it was the biggest waste of time I've had to suffer through in a TV show in a long time. It told me nothing, and it brought nothing to the show. It was just a very long, very stupid, propaganda show. I got nothing from the propaganda part except the desire to stick my head in the microwave. Overall, the first part of the episode was decent, the ISN report was just as useless as I thought. So, there you go. I didn't FF, and instead wasted a lot of time watching fake propaganda that was done very poorly (by done poorly, I mean both in and out of universe). Hopefully the propaganda stuff is mostly done with (atleast as a focus of the show). I'm excited to get to better stuff.

Also, I just ordered Season 5 from Amazon. I still have about 14 episodes left of this season, and I'll definately get S5 before I'm done with S4.
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