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Re: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

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That sounds troubling to me. StarCraft made good impressions because it achieved an excellent balance between the three races, and also kept the lower units like Marines and Hydralisks perpetually useful. They didn't simply fall by the wayside once you got up to Battlecruisers. Personally I like to think that, of the three races, the Zerg had the greatest potential to be unbalanced or not work right because of their unique abilities, but they did work. Blizzard got it right back then.
Oh, the game is amazingly well balanced in the multiplayer and all units have a use even in the late game (except for Battlecruisers), but the campaign is going for more of an RPG style with less of a focus on army management. Blizzard doesn't care about balance in the single player campaign.
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