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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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You mean subjectively speaking. I have yet to see objective criteria for evaluating a movie or any other kind of art, popular or otherwise.
Pffft. I came up with such a criteria while in the bath this morning.
That is to say, YOUR criteria. Hence, it is subjective

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This thread has 337 posts, 23 pages AND OVER 9000!!!! views. How did it go from Levar Burton talking about JJ killing Prime Trek timeline, to how many film school graduates on this board? I thought the debate on whether St 09 was really Trek or not was resolved 4 years ago. We are 2 months away from the next movie and the haters are still there. Why can't we give love one more chance?
You don't bring me flowers,
You don't sing me love songs,
You don't watch Star Trek with me anymore
At the end of the day...
Now that I've seen it, and have also had time to mellow, to really think about it, I now find it absolutely, unbearably repulsive in every way except for some of the acting. - about The Wrath of Khan. Interstat, Issue 62: 1982
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