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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

22. The Lovely Bones: B
23. The Initiation of Sarah: D
24. Jack the Giant Slayer: C+
25. Oz the Great and Powerful: B+
26. Olympus Has Fallen: A-

Went to a sneak of his last week and just getting around to posting on it. It opens this Friday, 3/22, and so far imo it's the best all out action film of the year to date. I say that as an unapologetic fan of my 80's icons and their films from earlier this year.

This film has a villain you really do love to hate. Which was one issue with the new Die Hard. Gerard Butler as the secret service agent whose been in a situation with the President that he feels he's failed him and gets reassigned. The terrorist takeover of the White House is fate's way of making amends in his eyes. Butler shines as Banning and he delivers both the serious and comedic lines well. What's great is the comedic lines aren't delivered as intentionally funny so much as more smart assery.

It's also the first film in awhile that fits the ole action nugget "Die Hard on/in a .....". The confined space is the White House and there are passageways, tunnels and things that make the moments feel very DH-esque.

It would be a theater recommendation for sure.
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