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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

Thrilled that the show is "punishing" Snow for what she did - yay consequences! And that Henry called all of them out on them being the heroes and yet not making the heroic choices anymore. But AGAIN, Henry manipulates Regina into doing the right thing... then runs right back to Emma! GRR. Methinks this is establishing a pattern to show Henry chooses just as wrong as all of his family does when it comes to love. (Not saying he should choose Regina over Emma - but maybe some acknowledgement/encouragment to Regina when she does do right? Because it seems that every time she makes a right choice, she still gets kicked in the face for it. )

But as soon as they showed the young kid, I knew who it would turn out to be. From next week's promo, I'm guessing "HER" will turn out to be Neal's fiancee?

Totally missed the Encom ref - argh! Though I was staring at that bench ad trying to figure out what it was beyond a computer ad establishing the year!

Did catch the Star Wars shoutout.

And in a bit of nostalgia, loved that they were making lanyards - totally period appropriate (unlike, as someone mentioned, the clothing choices in Storybrooke for the 80's scenes).

I also liked the "be careful what you wish for" aspect of the curse being all Groundhog Day for Regina.
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