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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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his later ideas seemed to be worse-the whole "evolved, enlightened Humanity" thing, plus the wacky idea that Starfleet wasn't military.
To be more specific, the Galaxy Class concept is something I don't like. We did witness inter-ship romance in Trek, but I never liked the idea of institutionalizing it and turning starships into the Carnival Cruise line with families and nurseries and all that stuff. The Enterprise-D rarely seemed to be in mortal danger, and if it were, imagine how irresponsible it is to drag your whole family into harms way. The main source of conflict in TNG tended to be about how and when to exercise authority, and that's fine, but sometimes you need a cliffhanger and some "we can't take much more of this!" and TNG, by being pushed farther in the future, presented a world of "perfected" technology where the Enterprise lazily cruised from one diplomatic engagement to the next and all conflict was talked over in hushed tones in the briefing room. It was only the Borg that started to break that up.

yeah, I didn't know "families on starships" was specifically his idea, but if so, it was another goofy one. Think of major engagements like Wolf 359 or in some Dominion War battles.

Now try to picture families on ships during WWII at the Battle of Midway or Leyte Gulf.
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