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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

The appearance at the end of Fearless Defenders #2 is one by Warrior Woman.
I don't think we have enough to go one yet but given her name is Hipployta and not Julia Lohmer(which I admit I had to wiki) it's safe to say they are introducing a new character with the existing Warrior Woman moniker.

All I knew was that Warrior Woman was tied to the Nazi's and battled the Invaders. Know next to nothing of her so I wiki'd just to see what the name of the one was I vaguely recalled. The original wore a type of dominatrix outfit with the Nazi armband.

This new Warrior Woman, with her Greek name, is plainly dressed to resemble a knock-off(homage?) to DC's Wonder Woman. The story has Brunnhilde charged with reassembling the Valkyrie's as it's revealed she was never meant to be a lone one.
Warrior Woman is revealed to be a candidate and based on the covers of upcoming issues it looks like a who's who of Marvel heroines is going to be seen in the book over this arc.
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